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You Can Fulfill Your Community Service by Putting on Some Pants

Fashion Fail - Wishful ThinkingSubmitted by: dunno source via Submission Page

My intention with this blog is not — nor will it ever be — to make fun of fat people. I’ve never subscribed to the idea that someone shouldn’t be allowed to dress the way they want just because they don’t match the height/weight ratio that our society has deemed ideal.

I do, however, strongly abhor the notion of stealing, especially from children. Somewhere out there, right now, there is a toddler missing her swimsuit, and this woman is responsible. Shame on you, lady. That just isn’t right.


He Wears it for the Back Support

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It’s possible that, in Europe, egalitarianism has gone too far. Yes, the men have taken over child-bearing duties. Those bags are full of ice cream and pickles. When he gets home, a dubbed version of Desperate Housewives will make him cry. He’ll then exclaim to his wife, “You don’t love me anymore because I’m fat! Don’t lie to me! YOU DID THIS TO ME!”


Now Where is the Limited Too…?

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Well this was a surprising scroll-down. The top half looks like that weird old guy who hangs out in the food court at the mall, and the bottom half looks like the thirteen-year-old girls that he leers at while they’re on their way to the Aeropostale.