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Rainbow Windows WIN

These panels were designed by Christopher Janney for the Miami Airport. Just thought a little color would brighten up your morning, WINners! Submitted by: Unknown Via: Local Tees







Crayon Fire Sculpture WIN

Artist Herb Williams installed these Crayola fire sculptures in the National Ranching Heritage Center at Texas Tech University in Lubbock. The piece, entitled “Unwanted Visitor: Portrait of Wildfire,” uses thousands of crayons and was inspired by the Texas wildfires of the summer of 2011.



Milan-based design group Carnovsky created an installation that’s a little different than the norm. The group painted three separate wall murals using the primary additive colors (Red, Blue, Green) combined with lights of the same color within the room. Cycling through the lights gives you three entirely different looks in the room as murals become more or less invisible.