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This Dude's Facebook Complaint to Tesco Is the Best Thing on the Internet

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Wes Metcalfe posted a complaint on the wall of the Facebook page of British supermarket Tesco about finding a dead worm in a cucumber.

The complaint spiraled out of control and included Oasis covers, a funeral, and some of the best damn customer service in the history of the planet.

If Rob from Customer Care doesn’t get a promotion/raise/bonus out of this, I will have officially lost all faith in humanity.

RIP William







The Internet Is Obsessed with These Extremely Long Jeans Accidentally Being Shipped to People


It doesn’t matter your size because ASOS will double it.

When a man named George ordered a pair of jeans 32″ from ASOS, he received some comically large jeans instead. People at first thought it might have been a one time mess up, until others began sharing their ASOS jeans online as well. Now, the Internet is trying to decide if this is a new style trend or just a miraculous mistake.




On the Internet, Everybody Knows You're Actually Terrible


You know how on the internet you can get away with embellishing the truth a little to make yourself sound better than you really are?

Spoiler alert: you can’t. Everyone knows you’re a phony, and Japanese memes are calling you out for it. Message boards like 2ch have been circulating images comparing the “online you” to the “real world you,” and it ain’t pretty. The next time you’re thinking about lying about yourself, remember these comparisons.