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Pin-Ups for Ron Paul

Yes, this real thing is really real. More Ronettes after the jump! – – – – (This last one is The Daily Show’s take) And the promotional video! Submitted by: Unknown Via: pinups4ronpaul





I WORK SO HARD to point out the stupidity of pundits and politicians, but THIS is what you want?! ( Jon Stewart ) LoL by: Saphira9 Picture by: Unknown



Stick a Fork in Him

Jon Stewart reacts to Donald Trump’s inappropriate pizza etiquette last night on “The Daily Show.” …And (surprise!) The Donald takes to the internets to defend his egregious usage of fork. The Donald likes “not to eat the crust.” Already noted in my scrapbook.


Todd Makes a Pretty Good Fred

Jon Stewart about Sarah Palin’s 2012 One Nation Bus Tour: “Has anyone ever stopped to consider the possibility that Sarah Palin and her family are solving mysteries and unmasking monsters?” Submitted by: Unknown Via: Blogging Via Typewriter


We Have a Winner

A visual followup to the Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly discussion about rapper Common via Papa Bear’s own site. Thanks user danielsangeo! Submitted by: Unknown Via: The Daily What