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Nick and Kevin Jonas Have Bigger Roles in Camp Rock 2

According to Kevin Jonas, he and brother Nick Jonas have much bigger roles in “Camp Rock: The Final Jam” then in the first Disney Channel Original Movie “Camp Rock”. He said, “Nick and I have bigger pieces to do in this movie, we have individual storylines, which makes it very cool and there’s different love interests. I work with the junior rockers who are the newest members of the camp and I’ve got to make sure they feel comfortable – and it’s a lot to handle but it works out in our favor.” I know Jonas Brothers fans are very happy to hear about this! Demi Lovato will also be reprising her role as Mitchie and from what we have heard, her and co-star/on screen love interest Joe Jonas, will share a kiss. Fans waited and waited last year to see if they kissed and they didn’t. Look out for this it this time around though!

Don’t forget that on New Year’s Eve, Disney Channel viewers will get to see a sneak peek of “Camp Rock 2”. The movie is set to air next year!


Kevin says Jemi is not true

Cutie Kevin Jonas said Joe is not dating Demi Lovato: “There’s rumors going around but I can assure you there’s nothing there – but in the film the love story between Mitchie and Shane continues for sure.”