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Life According to Classic Disney

Flipping on The Disney Channel today, it’s almost hard to believe that the same corporation that produces Hannah Montana and High School Musical also produced some of the most beloved animated classics of all time. It would appear, according to these captions, that even some of our favorite Disney characters are dismayed at the current state of Disney (and of pop culture in general). Let us all fondly remember the classic movies that shaped our childhoods while trying to forget about Disney’s recent embarrassments.


Same Plot As Avatar…
Better Music


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bella and gaston from beauty and the beast

Yeah.  That was my reaction, too.

(Belle and Gaston from Beauty and the Beast)

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nala and simba

Remember Disney BEFORE the Jonas Brothers?
Yeah, I miss it, too.

(Nala and Simba from The Lion King)

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Joe and Nick Jonas: Dublin Dudes

Taking advantage of some much-deserved time off from their 2009 World Tour, Joe and Nick Jonas were spotted out and about in Dublin, Ireland yesterday (November 23). The “Burnin’ Up” boys looked to be having a marvelous time in the Irish city, posing for the paparazzi as they strolled around town.  Joe even paid a visit to the Special Olympics Sports Club at the Holy Child Community School where he joined the athletes for a game of basketball. The kids seemed to really love spending time with the JoBro, who was more than happy to stick around for pictures after the game.