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Won’t Someone Please Think About the Furniture?!

Do You Want Sexy Times?Submitted by: dunno source via Submission Page

As those of you who followed us here from Don’t Judge My Hair might remember, I’m a big fan of the people in the lower right-hand corner of the photo. You can usually rely on them for a facial expression that tidily sums up the WTFness of any given situation.

In this case, it’s an ugly tiki end table rather than a human being, but it still managed to nail the look of horrified confusion that the rest of us are feeling.


Change Is Good. Especially a Change Out of That Outfit

Bad Hair - No! Stop!Submitted by: Pooty

Guess what, guys? It’s makeover time! For Don’t Judge My Hair, that is. We’re moving our operations to PoorlyDressed.com, where we’ll get to make fun of clothes, accessories, makeup, and anything else people screw up in the name of self expression. I hope that you all will make the move with us—you’ve been a great community and we’re excited to be bringing you a wider variety of fashion don’ts!

Bad Hair: Don't worry. Everything's going to be fine!Fig. 1-1: A skeptical man

And don’t worry: there will still be plenty of bad hair.


Miley Cyrus won’t have to pay

Cutie Miley Cyrus won’t have to pay $4 BILLION to all the Asians in Los Angeles!! Lucie J. Kim’s lawsuit against the singer for taking an offensive photo that “mocks Asians”, was thrown out earlier today by a judge – Lucie claims she’s considering filing an appeal to the judge’s ruling. She’s just being Miley!!



Miam spotted

From Connor L: We got to downtown Indy and saw Miley’s buses at a hotel. So we waited out there for a while and only saw dancers and her mom. My mom went to eat and called me saying Miley was in Panera Bread, where we were planning on eating already (: So we went in and ate.  Miley was with Liam and some other guy and was really nice when we asked for pictures and for her to sign some things. At the mall later they said she walked around with Liam and that random guy for a while, no security or anything. thanks hpaddicted_09!