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Pin-Ups for Ron Paul

Yes, this real thing is really real. More Ronettes after the jump! – – – – (This last one is The Daily Show’s take) And the promotional video! Submitted by: Unknown Via: pinups4ronpaul




Jumping A Car Gone Horribly Wrong

TWBO SEZ: This can be avoided by printing out one of these , laminating it, and tying it to your jumper cables, so your car never ends up looking like this. But if your car does end up looking like this, take lots of pictures and send them to us! Submitted by: Unknown


Completely Relevant News: A Mysterious Visitor from a Blocky World

This eight foot tall LEGO statue washed up on Siesta Key Beach in Floriday. The statue, made of fiberglass, had the words “No Real Than You Are” imprinted on its torso, with the name Ego Leonard and the number 8 on its back. Theories abound as to what the statue is about, though LEGOLand officials have already confirmed that this isn’t an official LEGO product in any way


Spirited Away Model WIN

For those that don’t immediately recognize it, this is a scale model of the famous bathhouse from Hayao Miyazaki’s “Spirited Away” (trailer after the jump). There might not be any other posts on WIN today, as I’m probably just going to marvel at this thing for the next few hours.