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Miley’s feeling better!

11595935Cutie Miley Cyrus has been sick with strep throat and according to all of her tweets, she’s been going a little crazy! She had to cancel three of her concerts (Omaha, St. Louis and Kansas City) and rest up so she could get better and get back to performing in front of hundreds on her Wonder World Tour.  Miley let us know yesterday that she is all better. She tweeted, “Got the go ahead from the Doc & the beast is ready to be unleashed! I always love performing in MI but this show is gonna get crazzzzyyy!”

Where is Miley heading to next? Michigan! She tweeted, “Sore throat ughh! Resting up for a killer show tomorrow! I LOVE MICHIGAN! I love when it actually feels like the right season.” It’s good to hear that she is feeling much better and ready to resume her tour!