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Ever Have That Dream?

You ever have that dream where you’re standing in front of a crowd of people and suddenly realize you forgot to get dressed….? (Lady Gaga) LoL by: sopranomom Picture by: Unknown



Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz: Yelloween!

58795637Tending to their Halloween party hosting duties, “Twilight” co-stars Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz were in festive mode at Tao Nightclub at The Venetian in Las Vegas on Saturday night (October 31). With Miss Greene decked out in a sexy peacock costume, Mr Lutz opted for a superhero ensemble as the pair drank and danced with clubgoers as Veuve Clicquot presented Yelloween. As for Kellan and Ashley’s upcoming movie, “New Moon,” the Emmett Cullen stud recently chatted with MTV about his favorite “New Moon” scene.He tells, “My favorite scene is probably anything that Charlie is in, played by Billy Burke. He just has this great comedic timing, and every scene [with him], I get a laugh out of. And there’s just tons of action. That’s the thing too, seeing the wolves actually fight each other and roughhouse. It’s really interesting to see what Chris did.”

As for his favorite new character, Lutz reveals, “The Volturi boys. I didn’t meet them in ‘New Moon,’ so now [I see them on the ‘Eclipse’ set]. I didn’t have the time to meet them when we were shooting ‘New Moon’ because the shooting schedules were different. So, with seeing them, and finally meeting them on ‘Eclipse,’ they’re really cool. It’s interesting to finally meet them. It’s so weird being an actor in something and not being a part of the whole cast feeling.”




ashley-kellan-10319-5LOVE THE EYES.