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This Self-Proclaimed 'Hawks-House' Uses 175,000 Christmas Lights and Original Music

When Anthony Mish, Seattle Seahawks mega-fan, created The Hawk House he went all out. According to his GoFundMe, he’s put in $30,000 or roughly 175,000 Christmas lights and then spent 400 hours blanketing his house, all as a tribute to his favorite team.

Typically Mish’s extravagant display is on from 5pm – 9pm weeknights and 5pm – 10:30pm on weekends. Which leaves some neighbors less than enthused. Mish claims that while drivers love the display, he’s working to “tone it down” to satisfy some neighbor’s complaints.

Of course when the Seahawks are playing on Sundays, Mish changes up the display a bit to support his team.








Where Did the Lights Go?

I mean, the last thing I remember was being in an Arby’s and now everything is dark and it smells like mommy and daddy’s bathroom in here.




Caught in the Headlights

For an added touch, you can cover the can with red saran wrap to make people think you’re going backwards. Just kidding, don’t do that.

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