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#HeterosexualPrideDay Is Being Celebrated Today and the Internet Is Not on Board

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Someone on the internet has declared June 29 as Heterosexual Pride Day.

On this day, just like every other day, a straight man or woman will be able to freely celebrate their sexual orientation without fear of harassment or bullying.

The hashtag #HeterosexualPrideDay has been trending on Twitter all day, and almost as soon as it appeared, the backlash began.




An Angry Peacock Turned a Family Trip to the Petting Zoo into a Photoshop Battle for the Ages

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This traumatized little girl went toe-to-toe with a pissed off peacock and the Internet had a hay day.

“Our trip to the petting zoo did not go as planned” — Reddit user bwaxse posted

The little girl was pictured running for her life as an exotic peacock angrily chased her from behind. If you thought the Canadian goose was an asshole, just wait until you experience the unforgiving wrath of a colorful, pissed off peacock.





Celebrities Take to Twitter to Share Their Disgust About the #Brexit Vote

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Lindsay Lohan wasn’t the only one tweeting during the Brexit vote last night. Celebrities across the pond were also getting into the action. Mostly, with the soul purpose to scare the sh*t out of millennials.

The vote passed with 52% and the United Kingdom has officially chucked a deuce to the European Union.

So, how is this going to effect you? Well, according to Twitter, you should probably go to church because the world is DOOMED.


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