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Witty Girlfriend Leaves the Most Adorable Post-its For Her Boyfriend Everyday

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All of this cuteness is too much.

The internet was shook with feels when Redditor General-ColinBile posted these post-its “visited my younger cousin and noticed how his girlfriend shows love”.

To give context he wrote — “They were posted on his bathroom mirror. I took them down for better picture taking… Amazingly even at his age, he’s mature enough to see she’s someone special.”

Someone special indeed.




17-Year-Old Marries a 71-Year-Old Woman Three Weeks After Their First Date


Almeda Errell (71) and Gary Hardwick (now 18) were married just three weeks after meeting at Almeda’s son’s funeral.

Gary, who’s previous girlfriend was 77, tied the not to his “dream woman” in a ceremony he arranged for just £137 in six days.

The romance was first really recognized both sat next to each other at a Chuck E Cheese’s for his aunt’s daughter’s birthday. From then on, they started seeing each other every night, and got the blessing of most friends and family.