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Taylor Swift To Play Z100’s Jingle Ball

taylor swift hotel 210809It was announced this morning that country darling Taylor Swift will be playing Z100’s Annual Jingle Ball Concert. The full lineup will be announced on October 26th. The concert takes place on December 11th at Madison Square Garden. Z100 is giving away tickets all weekend. Go HERE for details.  Who else would you like see on the Jingle Ball lineup?


Trashy, Tacky, LOLarious Weddings


For their honeymoon, they’re going to comb the deserts of Tatooine.

Weddings are personal, expensive, and important — yet people still find ways to make them tacky, over the top, and all in all hilarious. Which is why we’ve been checking out Wedinator recently.

wedinator_01Ben wanted to have the wedding in his college dorm room, but Madison wouldn’t have it. So they compromised!

wedinator_02Dakota Fanning stars in I Popped Out of Your Womb and On Your Special Day! Coming to a theater near you.

wedinator_03Ah, the wedding dress of Paris Hilton’s dreams.