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Tame Those Power Cords


Sorry that this is turning into a DIY blog; I promise I don’t mean for it to get that way. I just keep finding cool projects that you can do with stuff lying around your office!  Now before I pass on these simple instructions from Apartment Therapy (thanks for sharing!) I need to give the disclaimer that I’m not necessarily assuming you have a ton of extension cords lying around (or even one extension cord lying around) don’t worry I will suggest another use. Also, I am not suggesting that you use a really colorful, girly piece of paper that makes everyone in your office think you are a woose. I think you could use a classy black or solid, dark colored paper that would look very classy and professional.

Here goes:


The version shown on Unclutter struck us as a fine idea, but it was missing a little something-something. Call us extreme aesthetes, but we wanted to make our cord holder a little more attractive (it’s the Martha in us). We had a remnant piece of decorative wrapping paper we thought would do a fine job of fancying up our version of an extension cord holder. All you’ll need is the paper roll, a small piece of wrapping paper, scissors and tape (recommend additional double-stick tape for a nicer finish)


We wrapped our roll using one piece to adhesive the paper to the roll, while apply a double-stick tape at the finishing end for a seamless finish. You should have about 1/2″ of excess wrapping paper length sticking out from both ends when done.


Now cut every 3/4″-1″ cut a slit down to the roll until all you’ve made it all the way around. Apply a piece of tap with a bit hanging off, fold over into the roll and adhesive down.


Here’s where I’m going to use it:

tangled cords

Does it look like this underneath your desk too? Do you accidentally unplug the printer that’s around the corner but somehow plugged into your power strip? I think I definitely need some cord consolidation and someday I will hunt down an empty toilet paper roll to make one. It maybe even be useful in being able to determine which cord is going to which place instead of a big jumbled mess.

How do you keep your cords under control? Would love to get your tips!