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Demi’s having a good time in disneyland!

demi-lovato-11099-3She’s always up for a fun time, and yesterday (November 9) Demi Lovato was spotted having a ball at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. The “Camp Rock” cutie was all smiles as she took a break from taping the 2009 Disney parks Christmas Day Parade special for ABC.  Demi roughhoused with an actor dressed up as Pluto, looking beautiful in a black and blue ensemble with black stockings and black heels.Miss Lovato even performed her Christmas cover song “Wonderful Christmas Time,” after which she tweeted, “DISNEYLAND!!!!!!! Just saw Mickey… Nearly FLIPPED out. WOO!!!”






kevin & joe interview in zurich

joe shuts down the interviewer after he asks about their purity rings @ 2:05! why do they always get so pissed whenever people ask about them? maybe they shouldn’t have made it so publicly known that they wear them if they weren’t gonna like being asked about it all the time. however, i do understand where they’re coming from with just wanting to talk about their music, and i liked the way joe handled it for the most part. thanks migglettes & electricskiess.