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You See the World, and the World Sees You

Apparently, this is the real deal, and not a translation mistake. Chinese fashion firm Xiamen Jinzhi cites Keller’s “philanthropist spirit” as the driving force behind the marketing decision to sell this line of sunglasses. Rumor has it they’re producing a line of summer dresses too, which will be available in blue or red or green or orange or yellow or purple or some other color.




Join the Club

Tonight The House voted yesterday to make “In God We Trust” our official national motto, and encourage its display in all public buildings, schools, and other government institutions. The bill had only five democrats voicing opposition that it violates the First Amendment’s ban on the establishment of religion. Submitted by: Unknown Via: MSNBC


Meanwhile, In Bangkok Pt. 2

Who knew Solo made cups this big? Thanks to strategically-placed flood walls, the damage in Bangkok was less severe than feared. Unfortunately, not all areas were as lucky and millions of Thais were forced to find their way to shelter in whatever means possibly.


World Record Balloon Sculpture WIN

“Balloon Genius” Adam Lee created this balloon spider in an attempt to break the record for “Largest Balloon Sculpture Made by a Single Artist”. Before you ask, yes, there is an award for a sculpture made by a team . The spider measures 45 feet in length and about half that in width