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An Incredible Spontaneous Jam Session Happened When a Homeless Man Joined a Busker

The busking musician detailed the encounter and his cause:

I went out busking in Leeds on New Year’s Eve and, after a while, was joined by a homeless man in a wheelchair who asked if he could sing with me. As a busker, I spend a lot of time on the streets and had seen this man many times over the years, but didn’t know he was singer, and, as the years had gone by, his health and wellbeing seemed to have worsened a great deal. We jammed out a version of ‘Summertime’ and I was blown away by his voice so I stopped a passerby and asked them to capture the moment on my camera phone and then uploaded the video to my Facebook page where it quickly went viral as thousands of people shared it.

My spontaneous street jam with Bernard Davey was a soul-affirming, enriching experience which summed up everything I love about street culture. The streets are full of wonderful surprises and stories. I hope Bernard’s amazing improvised version of ‘Summertime’ helps people to remember not to judge people they see on the streets according to their appearances, but to always look below the surface appearance and find the person underneath.

Moments like these are why I founded the Keep Streets Live Campaign, a not for profit organisation which advocates for public spaces which are open to informal offerings of art and music and campaigns against the criminalisation of homelessness and street culture.

In addition, there are many wonderful charities that work with homeless and vulnerably housed including Inn Churches which provides emergency accommodation for the homeless in churches during the cold winter months and intercepts food waste to give to the hungry. I am doing a sponsored sober year in 2016 to raise funds for them and you can find out more and make a donation.




Dave Grohl Pays Permanent Tribute To a Rock Legend's Death with an Ace of Spades Tattoo

Dave Grohl gets ace of spades tattoo to honor Motorhead's Lemmy's recent death

Rock Legend Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister’s untimely passing on Tuesday has everyone still reeling. The fact that it was just mere days after doctors discovered his aggressive cancer, and less than a month after wrapping up Motorhead’s European Tour. The band has declared without Lemmy there is no future for Motorhead, but that he will live in on in everyone’s memories.

Beloved by many, two of the most touching tributes have come from a post by Alice Cooper, and Foo Fighter’s Dave Grohl’s ‘Ace of Spades’ tattoo.

Lemmy was truly a one-of-a-kind in rock ‘n’ roll. He was innovative, true to his art and continually relevant even…

Posted by Alice Cooper on Tuesday, December 29, 2015





This Self-Proclaimed 'Hawks-House' Uses 175,000 Christmas Lights and Original Music

When Anthony Mish, Seattle Seahawks mega-fan, created The Hawk House he went all out. According to his GoFundMe, he’s put in $30,000 or roughly 175,000 Christmas lights and then spent 400 hours blanketing his house, all as a tribute to his favorite team.

Typically Mish’s extravagant display is on from 5pm – 9pm weeknights and 5pm – 10:30pm on weekends. Which leaves some neighbors less than enthused. Mish claims that while drivers love the display, he’s working to “tone it down” to satisfy some neighbor’s complaints.

Of course when the Seahawks are playing on Sundays, Mish changes up the display a bit to support his team.



May The Violin Be With You

Granted, Star Wars enthusiast, violinist extraordinaire Taylor Davis could’ve put in a bit more effort on the costume; but hot dang if she can play a tune. What’s not to love about some intergalactic musical madness?

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