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Sit Back and Let the Cascading Magnetic Arches on the Sun Be Your Moment of Zen for the Day

What are these glorious golden space swirls? According to NASA, who captured this video with the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), this happened when a dark solar filament erupted and caused a chain reaction.They call these cascading magnetic arches because what you see here is a lot of particles spinning around the sun’s magnetic field lines.

Here’s a video where you can see what a dark solar filament looks like. The darker area, almost in the shape of a circle is it. Filaments are plasma held above the sun’s surface by magnetic forces.







Mother Nature FTW: All in One Picture!

A waterfall, a rainbow, and a touch of the Aurora Borealis! It’s like all of Mother Nature FTW rolled up into one package. This photo was taken by Stephanie Vetter, and was recently featured in NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day. Amazing stuff! Check out more cool nature photos and travel photography over at Five Minute Getaway! Submitted by: Unknown Via: Stephanie Vetter


Hey Buddy, Wanna Buy a Moon Rock?

74 year-old grandmother Joann Davis no doubt had the bejeezus scared out of her when she found herself caught in a NASA sting operation for attempting to sell a moon rock in her possession. Upon presenting this “hot cheese” in a Denny’s in Riverside, CA to a federal agent she thought was a potential buyer, armed sheriff’s deputies stormed in to arrest her