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From the Shores of Tripoli

Avid correspondence fan Louis Schlamowitz exchanged letters with Moammar Gadhafi from the time he seized power in Libya in 1969. According to The New York Post, 81 year-old Schlamowitz and Gadhafi wrote candidly about their viewpoints on America and Israel through the years, and not surprisingly, there were times when they didn’t see eye to eye.



El Bloombito

A joke Twitter account mocking New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg popped up after a video of him speaking remarkably bad Spanish hit the ‘tubes. Here is Bloombito himself habla-ing espanol: At least he has a sense of humor when asked about his alias: Submitted by: Unknown


How Did It Get Up There?

This morning, a New York City salt-spreading truck busted through the wall of a Queens Sanitation Department repair shop. It’s gonna be tough to explain that on the repair expense report.



Start Spreading the News…

On June 24th, The New York State senate approved a law that makes gay marriage legal in that state, including The Big Apple itself. Congratulations to all couples about to tie the knot. Just remember, Steve Jobs has had your back since 1977: Everyone’s favorite mad scientist weighs in as well! Submitted by: Unknown Via: Blogging Via Typewriter