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Hungarian Heating

The Hungarian Forint is used in very large quantities ($1 USD = 218 Ft) so the government recycles a few tons of it every year. After shredding it and bundling it into bricks, the currency is shipped to charitable organizations to help with their heating cost. Submitted by: Unknown Via: MSNBC


Show Off Your Skills: Make A Book Lamp

Boutique lamp makers Typewriter Boneyard recently released the Book Lamp, a hardcover book with a built-in switch and bulb. But here’s the thing: it costs $140. I have a feeling you wonderful fixers can put together a book lamp that looks just as good for a fraction of the price.




A Guide To Tampon Applicator Uses

Thankfully, this book (which is completely real) is just a parody. But that got me thinking… what if there really were people out there who make things out of tampons? This search took me to the deepest, darkest pits of the intertubes and I’m sorry to say I have to share what I found


Bamboo "Batteries"

Instructables user hanlin_y did the math and realized that alkaline batteries are one of the most expensive forms of power that consumers can use. So he/she/it came up with a solution to power your parts even if they don’t come with an AC adapter