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USA Superfan Leslie Jones Live-Tweets Herself a Trip to the Olympics

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Saturday Night star Leslie Jones has resurfaced on Twitter just in time to live-tweet all the action of the 2016 Olympics.

Leslie Jones is taking on every Olympic sport and rooting on team USA with a terrifying passion. Her love of the Olympics has gained the attention of the Internet and has earned her a personal invite from NBC Rio Olympics producer Jim Bell.

We really hope this is not a joke. The Rio Olympics NEED a little Leslie Jones commentary




Finally, Someone Actually Performed the 'Blades of Glory' Routine at an Ice Skating Competition

In the opening ceremony of the 2016 US Synchronized Skating Championships, ice skaters Dean Copely and Tim McKernan dressed up as Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy, two characters from the movie “Blades of Glory”. They performed a version of the film’s ‘Fire and Ice’ routine.

You can watch the routine from a better angle in this video from the network taping the routine:

via icenetwork

And just for comparison, here’s the routine from the 2007 movie, ‘Blades of Glory’: