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The Odd Couple

“I’m the bin Laden who likes peace, who does not like war” The words of Francisco Helder Braga Fernandes, a 51 year-old Brazilian Osama Bin Laden look-alike and bar-owner. Here he is having a good time with Ananias Rodrigues da Silva, a São Paulo businessman who bears a strong resemblance to Barack Obama. I was going to say, “there are worse people you could resemble,” but in Fernandes’ case I doubt it




Survey USA

Full Size Data on American opinions about the mission to take down Osama Bin Laden gathered by USA Today and Gallup. Interesting but not surprising that 60 percent of us preferred that Bin Laden was killed rather than captured. In contrast, Americans were more divided when Gallup conducted a similar poll in November of 2001, with only 54 percent responding they wanted him killed instead of captured.


Friday Picspam: Aquaman

Wuh-oh. Happy Friday! Headline is related. Thanks to user NJStarr! “No more rhyming and I mean it!” Thanks to user xyzpdq1! Via Robotindisguise Thanks to user kma_club! Thanks to user xyzpdq1! Via A.S.B.