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Hayden Panettiere’s Whaleman Benefit

Continuing to do what she can for the good of whales, Hayden Panettiere hosted The Whaleman Foundation Benefit in Hollywood on Sunday evening (November 15). Held at Beso Restaurant, the “Heroes” hottie happily posed for pictures as she tried to raise money to help protect the whale species from being illegally hunted and slaughtered.  In related news, Miss Panettiere is stepping behind the camera to co-executive produce a new medical drama from The CW called “HMS”.Created by Mystic Pizza writer Amy Holden Jones, the show “revolves around a group of Harvard Medical School students.”




Demi’s Party Pictures (MORE)

 ”Every day a multitude of stars wander through the halls of MTV News to talk about their latest projects and goof around with staff members. But sometimes we catch stars elsewhere, and that’s why we put together Spotted!, a daily compendium of stars in the wild. Demi Lovato’s been living in the fast lane lately. She released an album in July and successfully collaborated with the Jonas Brothers on a hilarious music video. She also worked with the three bros again on the sequel to the Disney hit movie, “Camp Rock 2″! She’s a surefire hit and a surefire hit deserves a great party, right? Of course! Demi was spotted at her huge graduation/birthday/coming out bash over the weekend at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

I know what you’re thinking. Quite the party, huh? That’s not the weird part though. Her birthday was August 20th and nearly three months later she’s celebrating still. I wish I could have three months of birthday celebration!” thanks MTV!
thanks to i_bit_a_pillow for the pics!


Hayden Panettiere’s Lesbian kiss!

6a00e54edfa92d88330120a5c99306970b-800wiHeroes must be desperate for ratings, because the NBC series is throwing in some lesbo action to the storyline!! The above just released photo shows Hayden Panettiere’s character, Claire, “discovering that her roommate Gretchen may have a hidden agenda.”  Will this work for the tankin’ show?!


Demi, ‘I’ve Learned A Lot Friend-Wise’

96kubnHottie Demi Lovato talked to Popstar! about her ’style makeover’ this past year: ’During Camp Rock I had no idea who I was. Before Camp Rock, I used to have black hair and always wore really dark eye makeup and all black clothes. I was pretty dark.’ Demi underwent a ‘Disney makeover’ before she started filming. ‘They cut my bangs and dyed my hair reddish and fixed my gap and I went through this transformation and I started getting more girlie.. I’ve been going back and forth ever since then. I feel like there’s a way to mix the two and still know who you are. I’ve been through so much in the past year, anyone in my position would have. Even just friend-wise, relationship-wise, career-wise you learn a lot. I’ve matured.’ source.


Brenda is Pink Croc Cute

091007-00Disney star Brenda Song attended the 2009 Pink Croc Collection Launch by Lacoste, which benifits breast cancer research. Brenda looked cute in a printed dress with blue heels. Remember, October is Breast Cancer Research month!


Hayden’s Stabbing Fears

58428696Heroes star Hayden Panettiere recently admitted that she is scared that Heroes fans will go too far and stab her. On the show, Hayden plays Claire, a chearleader who can heal herself. “I’m just afraid somebody’s going to stab me one day and think that my power is real and they expect me to start healing. I’ve been thinking about that since the first season, I’m like, ‘What if somebody really thought I was indestructible?’ Because I’ve heard some wacky things come out of people’s mouths that you go, ‘Guys, it’s not real’.” source.