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Drip Painting WIN

Amy Shackleton creates these paintings using a very unique technique. Rather than brushing the paint on, she applies large patches and then drips the paint into place, often rotating the canvas to get her desired results. Her subjects feature a cool interpolation of the city and natural landscapes


Bye Bye Berlusconi?

Above: a young Silvio Berlusconi singing on a cruise ship in 1960. Below, Berlusconi in 2009. Via The Guardian After failing to win the support of parliament for routine budget cuts, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has agreed to step down after a series of economic reforms meant to help Italy’s debt woes are passed




Dr. Seuss Lovecraft WIN

DrFaustusAU of Australia remade the Lovecraft classic The Call of Cthulu as a Dr. Seuss book. He managed to nail the style perfectly, complete with that aged look that can only come from seeing a kid’s book change dozens of hands through an elementary school library.


Staple City WIN

Artist Peter Root spent over forty hours stacking staples in the form of a city for a recent art installation. Check out a video of the work in progress above, and even more of his work on his personal website in the via link!