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Miley Cyrus looks cute in black hat

35687PCN_Miley01Hannah Montana superstar Miley Cyrus was spotted out in New York last night (November 11th) as she went out to do a little retail therapy. Miley, sporting a comfy looking beanie hat hit up the Bergdorf Goodman department store to do some shopping. Miley is currently on her Wonder World tour accross America! Check out more pictures under this post, please leave a comment.







Zefron @ Lakers Game Yesterday

14wazw7Girl’s dream-boy Zac Efron pals around with a guy friend as they sit front row and watch the L.A. Lakers battle the Memphis Grizzlies at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Friday night (November 6).  The 22-year-old actor has been an avid fan and supporter of the Lakers for years. Zac and girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens were seen at several games last season. Check out more pictures under this post.









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Miley Cyrus Reportedly Dating British Guitarist

steve-rushton-miley-cyrus-at-the-hannah-montanaTeen star Miley Cyrus is reportedly dating Steve Rushton, who is a former member of pop band Son Of Dork. The teen star has been romantically linked to British guitarist Steve Rushton, 22, who now plays guitar in her backing band for her flick “Hannah Montana: The Movie.” A source claimed that Steve relocated to the US after signing his deal with Disney. He first met Miley on the set of the Hannah Montana film. They hit it off straight away. The pair spent hours instant messaging each other when they have been apart.


NEW surfme border

So i got kinda tired of the old one and made a new one! This one is with Selena Gomez & Miley Cyrus. Do you like the new one better than the old one or? please leave a comment and tell me what you think. thanks!





What has this to do with remember december?

2qau7tithis set features demi as well as chloe, anna, and meaghan. These are pictures taken from her new music video “Remember December” i dont get it, the style doesnt fit the song. But Demi looks gorgeous, I love her hair in the first pic but the beehive does NOT look good on her. And that’s coming from a Demi stan. More pictures under this post, check them out and leave a comment.

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2rr11rtDemi looks really cute in this picture.


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Denise to Kevin “You’re marrying your mother”

kevin_jonas_danielle_deleasa_kissing_07Denise Jonas spills personal private information about kevin jonas in an interview with People. As Kevin Jonas prepares to head to the altar, his mom, Denise, couldn’t be happier with his choice of a bride. “I really think she is the right girl,” Jonas tells PEOPLE of Danielle Deleasa. In fact, Denise says she sees so many similarities between herself and Kevin’s fiancée that she teases her son, “You’re marrying your mother – but she is just thinner and prettier.” And Denise isn’t the only one in the family who gives the seal of approval to Deleasa, 23. All of the Jonases feel close to her, including youngest brother Frankie, 9. “He really loves her and is proud of her,” says Denise, 43. “He already acts like a little brother [to her].”

Tough Adjustment
Still, the mom to megastars admits, it’s been a little hard adjusting to the idea that her eldest son will soon leave the nest. “My role has really changed,” she says, noting that three of her four sons now have driver’s licenses and diplomas.

But no matter how old her kids get, Denise says, “I’m always their mom.” That’s the message she hopes to share as an ambassador of iMom.com, a Web site that offers mothers practical advice on how to get involved in their children’s lives.

Message to Other Moms
Having raised some of the best-behaved young men in Hollywood, Denise has found that when she talks, other moms listen. “Since I have this platform,” she says, “I hope I can encourage other moms to find the help and support they need. I would have loved to have an online community like iMom.com to go to when my kids were little.”

For her, it’s the simple things like having family dinners together that have made a difference as a parent. “Everything I did when [my sons] were younger is really paying off now,” she says. As for when her son will get hitched, he and Deleasa have not made the date public.