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Demi at her party.

As you might know Demi Lovato had a party a few days ago. There was alot of people there! Check out the list&pictures of the people who were there. Man i wish i was there, it looked like an awesome party.

New pictures from Flickr:

Demi Lovato:

Nikki Ried:

David Henrie;


Not sure:

Cody Linley:

Nicole Anderson:

Nick Braun:

Meaghan Martin:

Jasmine Richards:

Anne Marie Perez De Tagle:

Carlson Young:

Tony Oller:

Roshan Fegan:

Not sure:

Not sure:

Chloe Bridges:

Sterling Knight:

Hayley Williams:

Not sure:

Madison De Le Garza:

Not sure (from As The Bell Rings)

Doug Brochu:

Dallas Lovato:

Brandon Smith:

IM SO SORRY ABOUT THE PICTURES. they were a little to big. thanks jonaslovato!



Miley Cyrus looks cute in black hat

35687PCN_Miley01Hannah Montana superstar Miley Cyrus was spotted out in New York last night (November 11th) as she went out to do a little retail therapy. Miley, sporting a comfy looking beanie hat hit up the Bergdorf Goodman department store to do some shopping. Miley is currently on her Wonder World tour accross America! Check out more pictures under this post, please leave a comment.







Robert Pattinson Starstruck by Zac Efron

ixdr4jTwilight heart throb has recently confessed that he was starstruck when he first met fellow stud Zac Efron. “I met Zac Efron,” Robert dished to the British OK! “He was a really cool guy. That was one of the first times I’d ever been star-struck, but just because his face is so specific, it’s kind of surreal.” Robert also talked about some of the dental work her had done in preperation for his role of Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga.“They tried to fix my teeth,” he said. “And they shaved these little gaps on, they tried to do an Invisalign thing. And I put the Invisalign thing on and was like, ‘I don’t wanna wear that s–t’. “Those gaps between my teeth have decayed and caused me so many problems. That’s the one thing I regret doing because I wasn’t thinking at the time.”



NEW surfme border

So i got kinda tired of the old one and made a new one! This one is with Selena Gomez & Miley Cyrus. Do you like the new one better than the old one or? please leave a comment and tell me what you think. thanks!



surfme border

Hello guys, i know the new border sucks but i made it in like 3 seconds? i had to change it because the other one made me dizzy for some reason. Anyways im tired so i’ll make a new and wayyy better one when im not tired okay? please leave some ideas and comments for a new border, maybe got some samples ? thanks.



leaked tongue picture of demi

A really cute picture of Demi Lovato (old?) leaked on the internet. I’m not sure who’s shes with. But a few people is saying thats not demi but being honest, if this was a poser, then she looks EXACTLY like Demi. But its official, Demi has the longest tongue ever!



Does Everybody try to be Lady GaGa?

kylie-minogue-oakland-concert-544c36be351726dfb_050709_rihannab_40Is it just me or have you notice it too? I think that after Lady GaGa got so famous every famous celeb dress like her! Check it out and tell me what you think, please leave a comment. First theres a picture of Kylie Minogue thats kicking off her first ever North American tour. The second one of Rihanna, more pictures under!


this one is of Paris Hilton..


Britney Spears.


Nicole Richie.


Christina Aguilera


Miley Cyrus.



lily allen



Miley Cyrus Sick in Salt Lake City, Had To Run Offstage

coshdLooks like Miley Cyrus is sick! A fan added “I went to the Miley Cyrus’ concert last night in Utah. During 7 Things she ran off stage. Then someone came and said she had the flu. She came back out and went backstage a couple more times but she was amazing. She sounded great and still put on a great concert!” source.

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