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Funniest Case Scenarios

Police at the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, Japan staged an animal escape drill in which they subdued a papier mâché rhino with sticks and darts. Also note the lifelike details on the rhino, such as movable ears and… eye shadow



Bachmann Bows Out

Michele Bachmann has decided to end her run for the 2012 presidency after only accumulating 5% of the Iowa Caucus vote. Pundit Kitchen is always sad to see the more hilarious candidates go. After all, Mitt-Romney-is-a-robot jokes can’t last us all the way until November… or can they


Hitler Reacts to SOPA

Wish I could say this one was exaggerated, but Hitler hits the nail on the head in his rant about the Stop Online Piracy Act. Check out how you can help stop needless internet censorship here .



For The Birds

North Korean television is reporting that magpies tied to sitting on branches near Kim Jong-Il’s grave have not left for days because they are in a state of imprisonment mourning. Local people who have been paid with food overcome with national pride say they have never seen the like of such an event