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These 13 Cringeworthy Wedding Proposals Will Make You Hurt Inside


Hollywood has dramatized the wedding proposal so much that the bar has been raised to unreachable heights. Men out there are trying their best to give that special someone the fantasy proposal they’ve always dreamed of.

Still, there are some who been in a loving relationship for years and just want to get the proposal over with… Here are some of those people who couldn’t give any less fu*ks.



Iggy Azalea Finds Nick Young Cheating in HER Home From Security Cam Video

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Iggy Azalea had publicly broke up with her NBA fiancé Nick Young yesterday because she learned that he had gotten his ex-girlfriend (previous baby momma) pregnant.

All of which, according to her Tweets, was unknown to the singer until she found out on E! news.

A few months back, Nick’s Lakers teammate D’Angelo Russell got serious heat from the internet for publicly outing Nick for cheating after he shared a video online.

Sorry to say this, but, D’Angelo told you so.