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Shoe Trooper WIN

This is a storm trooper helmet made entirely out of Adidas sneakers, if the stitching and logo didn’t already give it away. More cool Star Wars modifications are in the via link at Star Wars Remix! Submitted by: Unknown Via: Star Wars Remix









The Movie Alphabet

Here’s a cool supercut of movie characters reciting the alphabet. Click through for key! Via slashfilm Key: A – Jingle All the Way B – Tommy Boy C – Fargo D – Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory E – Heavenly Creatures F – Amadeus G – The Truman Show H – Sexy Beast I – Casino J – Knocked Up K – The Godfather III L – Kill Bill Volume 2 M – A Clockwork Orange N – Rain Man O – The Big Lebowski P – The Rundown Q – Goldeneye R – Crazy on the Outside S – Falling Down T – The Sound of Music U – Fight Club V – V for Vendetta W – There Will be Blood X – Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Y – Reservoir Dogs Z – The Matrix Reloaded / Pulp Fiction