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Passionate Reporter Warns Against Storm Desmond and Becomes the Internet's Hero

Reporter Teresa Mannion warned all idiots to stay inside while Storm Desmond raged on in Ireland. She struggled to be heard against the rain and wind of the storm and quickly became an internet celebrity because of how passionate her report was.

So of course she got photoshopped.

via @Jim_Sheridan

via @RadioEmmet

Then, eventually, also remixed into a pop song.

There’s even a petition to have the next big storm that comes to Ireland named Storm Teresa. It already has almost 900 signatures.







By Reporter You Mean, Michele Bachmann?

INNUENDO The reporter was surprised when she was confronted with so much meat but she was sure that it wasn’t anything that her years of experience and firm grip on the hard facts couldn’t handle. ( Michele Bachmann ) LoL by: sickjoke42 Picture by: Unknown


Getting Their Taxes Back?

A reporter takes it upon himself to film looters in his neighborhood in London where riots still continue. The police will increase their numbers to 16,000 tonight, and are contemplating using rubber bullets for the first time to help quell the unrest