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GUNS Helping paranoid Americans over-compensate since 1871 ( Rick Perry ) LoL by: vandle89 Picture by: Unknown


Friday Picspam: OBJECTION!

Ugghhh, I wish I could just post Phoenix Wright stuff all day and not polit— Oh crap did I just type that out loud? Baby’s first Glenn Beck book. Via Reddit Daniel Day Lewis in Abe Lincoln costume walking with Steven Spielberg



Brilliant Self-Parody

This might just be a last minute winner for 2011′s most ironic moments. Rick Perry appears be wearing the same jacket in his anti-gay advertisement as Heath Ledger’s gay character in the film Brokeback Mountain. America wishes it could quit you, Rick


Unpopular Opinion Rick Perry

A brand new tumblr has sprung up in the wake of Rick Perry’s anti-gay, pro-prayer in schools commercial that debuted yesterday. — Zubats, really? Also, improv comedy group Second City have come up with this parody: Submitted by: Unknown