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Meanwhile In B.C.

In Canada, this is a “dangerous fridge” that had to be “stopped” by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. In America, this is just a cost-effective alternative to a U-Haul


The Best Hat at the Latest Royal Wedding Is Eel-Shaped

Another royal wedding took place last Saturday in Edinburgh: Zara Phillips, granddaughter of the Queen, was brought together in holy Anglican matrimony with Mike Tindall, champion rugby player. The wedding was a modest affair, with less of the to-do (British terms: am I doing it right?) of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding last April. This also meant that the hats on display were much less attention-grabbing than Princess Beatrice’s infamous headgear at last April’s wedding



The Royal Australian Navy is royally embarrassed over discovering that the men and women serving in the Middle East have been wearing a badge with an extra letter “L” in their country’s name. Of course, who really should be embarrassed is the Department of Education. Think They’re Poorly Dressed?


Royal Chef

Bloody Canadians! I come all the way here, and find out I have to cook for everyone, too! ( Prince William ) LoL by: mariska0130 Picture by: Unknown



Grace Van Cutsem Totally Looks Like Original Queen of Hearts

Girl from Royal Wedding Picture (Grace Van Cutsem) Totally Looks Like Original Queen of Hearts Little Grace Van Custem certainly is the Queen of Stealing My Hearts! Yes, I have multiple hearts. They are where I store all of my love for you! Each and every one of you! EXCEPT YOU! *points* You know who you are… Look-alike by: Unknown