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ICHC Scavenger Hunt!

Ohai, Cheezfrends! Wanna play a game? We’ve got five sets of holiday cards to give away! To be eligible to win a set, all you have to do is find one of five secret pages and leave a comment! The ICHC Holiday Card Scavenger Hunt: – The hunt will take place tomorrow, November 17 . – We will publish five special posts across the ICHC group of sites.





Beer Brewin’ Bender

A few years ago Kiwi Simon Jansen had the wild idea to recreate a classic part of a Futurama episode; a life-sized Bender used for fermenting homebrew. The scope of this project is absolutely mind boggling. Simon goes into all the technical details on his site , and it’s definitely worth a read



Historical Thursday: Jet Nuclear Propulsion

Back when vaporizing our enemies and using insanely-powerful weapons with little thought as to their environmental effects was all the rage, a couple crazy ideas started floating around the scientific community. Boosters for spacecraft were a very costly and inefficient mechanism so those in the industry kept thinking of ways to get into – and around – space more easily