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Office Calligraphy

I promise no more plugs for Sharpie! (after this post) If you think I get paid to blog about Sharpies, you’re wrong. I wish that sanford cut me an extra check for the devotion  I have to the Sharpie brand but I really do toot their horn without pay. Anyways, to share a little personal information, I’m actually getting married next month and right now I’m waist deep in stuffing, addressing, and sending invitations. Who knew there were so many guidelines for sending invitations??

Here’s the one that’s important. Hand written addresses on the envelopes are a must- they aren’t even optional.  I’ve been told it’s almost offensive to even consider printing off labels and slapping them on. I’ve been lightly thinking about which pens we should use to address the envelopes and then I came across the perfect product : Sharpie Calligraphy Pens.


I always expected anything with the word “calligraphy” in the product name would be way out of my price range. These are only 6 bucks! I went to Sharpie’s website to see if they had any tutorials on the product and sure enough, I was not disappointed.  They provided a PDF  that will help you practice writing Old English Letters!  Click to Download it

This weekend I will be addressing a million invitations and I’ll keep you updated as to how great I feel about the pen after using it extensively (all I’ve done so far is to scribble some cursive on a piece of scratch paper.) Have you tried it? Have any tips you can share? Thanks and have a great weekend!


Sharpie Pens : The Comprehensive Review

Sanford reps visited us during the summer time here in New York City and when they came they brought us SHARPIE PENS! I’ve always been a big fan of sharpie markers(as you will remember from this post) and the idea of a sharpie pen existing was so exciting! No more decorating CDs for people with a big thick marker. You can do small intricate designs on binders and best of all you can write on normal paper. You can take notes and draw with sharpies at the same time and they don’t bleed! (or at least they have never bled or smeared when I’ve used them) I will agree that the blue color they choose is pretty light but it’s a lot more fun than a normal, dark blue.

All those things aside, I researched what everyone else thought of it (just so you won’t be swayed by my opinion.) Here ya go:

From The Pen Addiction,
“If you are familiar at all with the Pilot V Razor Point pens, then you have a good reference point for this pen. It is very similar, and I like it a lot. The black Sharpie Pen lays down a very solid, sharp line, and the blue does the same, although I would prefer a bit deeper shade. The tip is very firm and soild, and I haven’t seen any signs of breaking down just yet. All in all, this is a great pen. ”

From Office Supply Geek,
“Above is the first writing sample that I did in a Clairefontaine notebook. I have had much success with the Clairefontaine paper with other pens, so I figured I would use this paper to test the Sharpie pens. As you can see, the Sharpie pens lay down nice bright lines, and on this paper they show absolutely no feathering and you will have to take my word for it that there is absolutely no bleed through…I didnt feel like scanning a blank reverse side of the page. A quick look at the drying times for the Sharpie Pen on this paper shows that although it didnt dry instantly, it certainly dries quick enough at about 3 seconds.”

“The next writing sample I did was in one of the notebooks that I dont usually get such good performance with, and that is my Moleskine. On this paper you can see when you click on the picture that there is a bit of feathering, which is no surprise because I usually get that with any pen I try on this paper. Additionally, you can see that the drying time on the Moleskine paper is not quite ideal at about 7 seconds to become totally dry, however unless you are a lefty this probably wont be too much of an issue. The next picture shows the bleed through that I got with the Moleskine and the Sharpie Pen.”

“In addition to the great writing performance of these pens, I also found them to be fairly comfortable to write with. If I could modify the pens grip a bit, I think it would be perfect, but I just wasnt totally comfortable writing with it because of how the barrel of the pen abruptly ends right before the grip section begins. It creates a slightly rough edge which is a little too close to where I hold the pen. It certainly was not a deal breaker when it comes to writing with the Sharpie Pen for me, but I would prefer a more subtle transition from the barrel to the grip section. At the end of the day I would highly recommend these pens because of their super smooth writing, bright colors, and the simple fact that you know you can rely on the quality of the Sharpie brand.”

From The Pen Archives

Thanks to everyone for your great reviews! If you need a sharpie pen.. we carry them at Shoplet.com!  Have you tried them? Let us know what you think!