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Happy Meme-iversary to the 3-Wolf Moon Shirt!

On this date in 2009, the now famous 3-Wolf Moon t-shirt became an internet sensation , thanks in no small part to the to the Amazon review of one user, who dubbed it “intrinsically sweet because it has a wolf on it.” Since then, it’s spawned a number of parodies, ranging from the Admiral Ackbars to the obscure. We here at Poorly Dressed have compiled some of the best ones in honor of the meme-iversary



Charlie Sheen’s Poetry: Oh Jeez…

Just a few creepy poems by Charlie Sheen, or should I say Abraham Lincoln?? Via ontd A Thoughtless Soul – By Charlie Sheen As he pulled his head, From the drool stained pillow, His eyes blood red, His oxygen shallow. Feet on carpet, That pain to fight, These are the effects, Of another night.