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Robert Pattinson fell asleep on subway

Rob-heatTwilight hottie Robert Pattinson fell asleep on the London Underground (subway) earlier this week — according to a British tabloid.  Heat magazine claims in its latest issue that Pattinson, 23, was “snoozing on a train to Paddington station” and was spotted “looking fit” on the Bakerloo line. But while Heat insists the photo was taken in the last few days, it wasn’t — it was actually taken in December last year when the hunky British star was back home in England on a break from filming.

Also? Pattinson has been busy several thousand miles away in Vancouver, Canada, filming the third Twilight flick, Eclipse. In a recent interview with a French magazine, Rob — who is dating his costar Kristen Stewartrevealed that because of the media, he can never let his guard down. “I don’t feel like I’ve changed,” he said. “The most embarrassing is when friends ask you to meet up with them and you have to tell them, ‘Sorry I can’t go to that place’ because you’re fully aware photographers will be waiting for you there.

“I feel like such weasel when things like that happen, like the world has to revolve around me. I have to look over my shoulder all the time, be super vigilant because at any moment, someone could be filming or recording what I’m saying. “It makes me feel like working non-stop: at least, on sets, the level of security gives me a bit of privacy. It’s a relief.

“I haven’t found one place in the world yet where I could disappear. Even the most remote places I can imagine someone will ask me for a picture with them or an autograph. Honestly, I didn’t think that I would be recognized so easily.”