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Match Made in Heaven

So it’s clearly not a “bad” tattoo, at least not in the sense that the customer got a bad ink job. This reminds me of when my sister and I would combine my Ninja Turtles with her Barbies.










Justin talks to Details

Just one day after Fracturing his foot, canadian superstar Justin Bieber performed in Manchester, England along side pal Taylor Swift tonight (November 24). Justin also recently chatted with Details about his fame, and fans.  Q: The crowds at your shows look pretty fresh-faced. What’s the youngest fan you’ve encountered? A: I met a six-month-old baby. I’ve got some young fans, but the majority of them are like 14, 15. My mom’s like 35, so she’s my oldest fan.

Q: I’ve heard that some of the teens flash you their bras.
A: I mean, I don’t mind it. Just kidding—it’s not something that’s cool for them to do. There was this one girl in Seattle—I didn’t even see her—she runs at me, tries to give me a hug and tackles me. It was really aggressive and scary.

Q: Your fans show up to your shows wearing the same American Apparel hoodie you wore in your “One Time” video. Are you cultivating a style?
A: I’m just a kid that wakes up like everyone else and just puts clothes on—like a hoodie and jeans and some fresh kicks, Supras or high-tops.

Q: What’s up with the mop-top hairdo?
A: I think the girls like it, so I’m going to let it stick around for a while. I really don’t think anyone’s ever done this kind of thing with their hair: I just wake up, blow-dry it, and just shake it. And continue to shake it throughout the day.