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Ink costs more than blood.


CBC news in Canada put out an article entitled “Going with the flow: The most expensive liquids” back in May 2007. I don’t know what the update is on this now but can you believe how many things cost more than blood?  Printer ink costs more than blood? Here’s what they say about printer ink:

“It’s pretty much conventional wisdom that computer printer companies make their money from selling expensive ink and toner cartridges, not the printers. Never mind that the chemical composition of black ink isn’t all that different from what the Chinese invented thousands of years ago, putting a few dribbles of it into an elaborate plastic cartridge can cost the buyer upward of $60. (It can cost much more if the powder in laser printer cartridges is considered the same as ink. It’s not, but it has the same effect in the printing process.) One technology writer recently estimated that filling an Olympic swimming pool with name brand printer ink at the standard retail price would cost you a cool $6.5 billion. No wonder more and more of us are opting for refilled cartridges and generic branded toner.”

Did I mention we sell generic printer ink? The expense of ink is definitely a problem. Not sure how they are going to solve that one. One way HP makes up for it is by offering great rebates- gas cards, cash back, etc. We can all use a little break every once and awhile.

I couldn’t believe that maple syrup made that list! I guess those little bottles of all natural canadian mountainous maple syrup must cost a lot of money to produce. And soda pop? Well here their calculating in the cost of all the junk it’s doing to your body. I better go home and put all my perfume in a safe.