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Trying to Stay Spoiler Free? Get This Star Wars Force Block Spoiler Blocker Chrome Extension

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We know not everyone is able to duck out of work early today to wait in line for the midnight release of Star Wars: the Force Awakens, but in just a few hours we’re all at risk for seeing real, plot-affecting spoilers. Luckily for those of us who can’t make it to a theater any time soon, there’s Force Block, the Star Wars spoiler blocking extension for Google Chrome.

Force Block will help you avoid spoilers by alerting you to that a page you’re about to visit may contain spoilers. From there, you can bail or proceed at your own risk.

May the Force Block be with all of you between now and whenever you get to see the movie.




The Sun Sums Up the Star Wars Saga With 25 Pun Filled Front Pages

star wars,list,puns

The Sun is a daily tabloid published in the UK known for its sensational and sometimes punny headlines. If you need a way to brush up on the previous six Star Wars before The Force Awakens comes out, they’ve got you covered. These pun-tastic front pages are probably the most painless way to relive the prequels, and will remind you just how glorious your favorite Star Wars moments truly were. Make sure not to miss the “free items” some covers offer in the top, right corner.






Someone Re-Cut the Star Wars VII Trailers Into What May be Their Chronological Order

This is just Mike V‘s speculation, but it’s a pretty compelling timeline for the film. If you’re avoiding potential spoilers turn away, but for those who like to speculate, here’s Mikes theory:

– Poe Dameron (with BB-8) is sent by Leia to Jakku to find Rey.

– Kylo Ren and The First Order arrive on Jakku. They attack a village and Poe is captured. BB-8 escapes.

– Poe is brought to the Star Destroyer, Finalizer, that is in orbit of Jakku.

– Kylo Ren tortures Poe and uses the Force to extract information from him.

– Finn witnesses Poe being tortured. Having a crisis of conscience, Finn decides to help free Poe (Poe’s blood is on Finn’s helmet). Finn ends up with Poe’s jacket.

– Finn and Poe both flee in separate TIE fighters, but Finn’s TIE Fighter takes damage and crash lands on Jakku.

– Rey is going about her day, scavenging from the remains of the Star Destroyer, Inflictor. She encounters BB-8.

– Kylo Ren regroups with the rest of the First Order to witness the test fire of their new superweapon, Star Killer Base.

– Rey and BB-8 eventually encounter Finn.

– The First Order attack the trio and they then are aided by Han Solo and Chewbacca.

– The group uses the Millennium Falcon to escape Jakku.

– The group formally meet each other and then go to Takodana to meet Maz Kanata in her castle.

– Maz Kanata senses that Rey is Force sensitive and discusses this with her.

– The First Order is made aware of the groups location and attacks Maz Kanata’s castle, leaving it in ruins. Kylo Ren looks for Rey and captures her.

– Poe and the Resistance lead a rescue party, which starts the Battle of Takodana. All are rescued except for Rey, who is taken to Starkiller Base.

– The Resistance Regroups. Maz Kanata gives Anakin/Luke’s lightsaber to Leia.

– The Resistance plans a rescue of Rey as well as an attack on Star Killer Base.

– The Battle of Star Killer Base ensues.

– Kylo Ren faces Finn in lightsaber combat and emerges victorious (whether Finn survives remains to be seen).

– Rey finally accepts her Force abilities and faces Kylo Ren.

– Luke senses the “Awakening” of the Force in Rey. (Not really sure this clip goes here but it makes the most sense to me).