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Grilled Onion

Popular satirical newspaper The Onion is in trouble for trying a little too hard to promote their article in which John Boehner takes a group of children hostage. Although the article itself was clearly meant to be a joke, the first tweet about it (bottom) was oddly urgent-sounding devoid of humor. Needless to say, U.S.





Just Sayin’: J Beebz Speaks Out

I’m still unclear why a reporter would ask a young kid about serious issues like health care and abortion, but I guess controversy sells so maybe I just answered my own question… Anyways, the reason I titled this post “just sayin’” is because if a person says ‘just sayin” before something offensive/controversial they are absolved of responsibility for the statement or the fallout from said statement, and that’s a FACT. So, without further ado, here’s J Beebz… “I really don’t believe in abortion… It’s like killing a baby?” the pop star, who is a self-proclaimed Christian, tells writer Vanessa Grigoriadis.