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Dowload Selena’s Under Pressure ALL Eps.

selenafan017Here you can download all of Selena’sunder pressure” episodes. Check out the awesome link under this post.


Under Pressure – In The Studio Ep2


Under Pressure – Voice Lessons Ep3


Under Pressure – Band Auditions Ep4


Under Pressure Ep 5: photo shoot


Under Pressure – Music Video Shoot Ep 6


Under Pressure – Band Rehearsal Ep 7


Under Pressure – Ep 8


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Miley Cyrus to Dress up as Dolly Parton For Birthday?

Miley Cyrus Out At A Studio In Los AngelesTeen star MILEY Cyrus is planning to dress up as Dolly Parton for her 17th birthday.  The Hannah Montana actress — whose birthday is in November — says she can’t wait to pay homage to her big-breasted idol. “I really want to do a Dolly Parton themed party for my 17th but it’s going to be really cold so I don’t want to go to Dollywood because it’s going to be freezing,” Miley said. “But I want all my friends to come and rent out a place and play all Dolly Parton music and have everyone dress up as their favourite Dolly moment.” Miley recently called for a worldwide ban on the social-networking website Twitter.“I am doing so much better now without Twitter,” she said. “I think Twitter should be banned from this universe. People want to know everything but you need to get out and be healthy and be in the world instead of crouching over a website all the time. “All I did in my time off was lie in bed on my computer and sit in bed and eat ice cream and just lay there late at night. “I ended up not living my life and saying things that are really no one else’s business. I’m not really a big fan of the Internet anymore. I don’t really go online anymore.”


Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner ‘In Love’

lautnerswiftokTAYLOR Swift and Taylor Lautner are set to become Hollywood’s hottest new couple if the latest reports are to be believed.  According to America’s OK! magazine, the pair — who have been dating for just over three weeks — have “fallen head over heels for each other”. “He thinks she’s one of the most beautiful girls he’s ever seen,” said a source close to Taylor. “And she can’t say enough about him!”Lautner, 17, and Swift, 19, portray a prom king and queen in the upcoming romantic comedy Valentine’s Day. In an interview with on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that aired last week, Swift clammed up when quizzed about her rumored romance with the hunky Twilight star. The two Taylors star together in the 2010 romantic comedy, Valetine’s Day.

“Who were your scenes with?” Ellen asked Swift. “Taylor Lautner,” Swift replied. “The guy from Twilight?” Ellen teases. “Oh yeah, he’s cute!” “Yeah,” Swift says, “he is.”


Kristen Stewart Jets Out of Tinseltown

FP_IMAGE_3913797/FP_SET_3911674Staying in Tinseltown for just one night after flying in from Vancouver, Kristen Stewart was spotted making her way through LAX Airport in Los Angles on Friday evening (October 30). Sporting her “Runaways” t-shirt, the Bella Swan sweetheart was accompanied by a bodyguard – looking to be in high spirits as she shed a smile and a few laughs on her way through the departures terminal.  As for her stay in Los Angeles, E! News reports that Kristen and co-star Robert Pattinson ended up staying at the Chateau Marmont Hotel.“They went straight up to a room,” a hotel source dishes. “No one saw them the rest of the night.” Meanwhile, Miss Stewart spent her Friday afternoon at the studio alongside Taylor Lautner to watch the final cut of their upcoming vampire flick, “New Moon”.






Miley Cyrus Grants a Wish

Miley Cyrus Out At A Studio In Los AngelesAsk any little girl what their number one wish is, and chances are good that they will tell you they want to meet Miley Cyrus. Well, that wish came true Tuesday night for one little five year old. Before taking the stage at the New Orleans Arena to play for a sold out crowd, Miley met with a 5 year old girl who is suffering from a type of bone cancer. The singer spent time talking with the family and also signed some keep sakes for the girl. The State Police Grant-A-Wish program arranged for the meeting and for the girl to attend the concert. I’m pretty sure she’s been doing this at all of her concerts. How sweet of her omg. someone also commented saying “She’s been doing that type of stuff for years she just doesn’t ask for it to be publicized. It’s very sweet of her.” source.



Adam Lambert Working With Lady GaGa!

Lady-Gaga-Wardrobe-Malfunction-PhotoGUESS what, everyone? Adam Lambert has been busy working with Lady GaGa!  The American Idol runner-up took to his Twitter account Monday night to confirm that he and the Poker Face hitmaker had been collaborating on a record. “Yes it’s true: I spent yesterday in the studio w the insanely talented and creative Lady GaGa recording a song that she wrote! I love her,” Lambert wrote. “Gaga wrote the song a while ago and she thought it would be a good fit for me. It’s a solo track. I feel so honored and lucky to be asked.

“GaGa just gets it, ya know?” Lambert also confirmed the title of his eagerly-awaited debut album, which hits stores November 23. “It’s official!” Lambert declared. “My debut album, dropping November 23rd will be called For Your Entertainment.” We look forwarding to hearing it!