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Taliban Tweets Tough

*the video link in the last tweet from @ISAF (“does your boss do this?”) is here The Guardian is reporting on a Twitter war that erupted between the Nato-led International Security Assistance Force ( ISAF ) and Taliban Tweetmeister Abdulqahar Balk after a 20-hour Taliban attack on the US Embassy in Kabul. Abdulqahar, I know there’s a 140-character limit, but those abbreviations make the Taliban sound about as ferocious as a 12 year-old on MySpace. Submitted by: Unknown Via: The Daily What








Happy Vladentine’s Day!

I know it is not Vladurday, but a few Putin-inspired valentines have made their way to my internetz, and I thought I would share them with you. I wish you all a very romantic Vladentine’s Day , which is a real holiday and not one I just made up! Submitted by: Alexand3rS