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Demi at her party.

As you might know Demi Lovato had a party a few days ago. There was alot of people there! Check out the list&pictures of the people who were there. Man i wish i was there, it looked like an awesome party.

New pictures from Flickr:

Demi Lovato:

Nikki Ried:

David Henrie;


Not sure:

Cody Linley:

Nicole Anderson:

Nick Braun:

Meaghan Martin:

Jasmine Richards:

Anne Marie Perez De Tagle:

Carlson Young:

Tony Oller:

Roshan Fegan:

Not sure:

Not sure:

Chloe Bridges:

Sterling Knight:

Hayley Williams:

Not sure:

Madison De Le Garza:

Not sure (from As The Bell Rings)

Doug Brochu:

Dallas Lovato:

Brandon Smith:

IM SO SORRY ABOUT THE PICTURES. they were a little to big. thanks jonaslovato!