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Happy Meme-iversary to the 3-Wolf Moon Shirt!

On this date in 2009, the now famous 3-Wolf Moon t-shirt became an internet sensation , thanks in no small part to the to the Amazon review of one user, who dubbed it “intrinsically sweet because it has a wolf on it.” Since then, it’s spawned a number of parodies, ranging from the Admiral Ackbars to the obscure. We here at Poorly Dressed have compiled some of the best ones in honor of the meme-iversary



We’re Uniting the FAILs at FAIL Nation!

Hey FAILers! Early next week we will be uniting all the FAILs you get here with car and sports FAILs, under one new site, FAIL Nation ! Don’t fret, though! While our brand new site FAIL Nation will be home to your classic FAILs, FAIL Blog will be showcasing the very best of FAILs, WINs and LOLs from around the entire FAIL Blog cluster. So get ready to add FAIL Nation to your bookmarks or RSS subscriptions, and never miss out on the best content with FAIL Blog !


Warning Sign Wednesday

Lately we’ve been getting a flood of warning-sign Engrish, so for your viewing pleasure I present some of the best ones of the last week. Keep the good submissions coming, and maybe yours will be featured next Wednesday! Submitted by: tedhere, thbr09ac, zeddo, girlaboutworld