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Grilled Onion

Popular satirical newspaper The Onion is in trouble for trying a little too hard to promote their article in which John Boehner takes a group of children hostage. Although the article itself was clearly meant to be a joke, the first tweet about it (bottom) was oddly urgent-sounding devoid of humor. Needless to say, U.S.



Approved By The Authorities

From the submitter: On the first day of a 3-day trip, I rear-ended this rental car into another car. Instead of trying to find a replacement rental on the 4th of July weekend, I (with the help of the local police!) “fixed” the bumper that was hanging off the car.




Sent to the Slammer in Style

The lovely lady pictured above is the latest mugshot for singer Khia Chambers . I say “latest” because this isn’t the first time the police department has snapped her photo – she’s had 19 mugshots taken before this one


Good Idea/Bad Idea: PC Fans

Welcome to the first edition of Good Idea/Bad Idea ! (shamelessly stolen from Animaniacs) If you guys see any kludges that can be done better or worse, submit them for comparison and we’ll make this a regular feature! ~NSHA Submitted by: Unknown