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Fan: ‘Miley Stopped Me From Killing Myself’

Even though cat named Fuzzy will die soon because Miley Cyrus did not return to Twitter, she has saved the life of one of her fans. A fan that would have committed suicide if it were not for Miley’s influence on her. The fan revealed her emotional story to M magazine [They withheld her name to protect her privacy]: ‘Miley is my angel. Miley doesn’t know it, but her positive influence kept me from suicide. She’s the reason I am alive today.’ She paid tribute to her savior Miley with a tattoo: ‘The tattoo has a halo and wings because Miley is my angel.’‘ Apparently this is the girls twitter.  http://twitter.com/humbertlove. Thanks so much fizzy_xoxo!






Gomez chasing after Wizard Of Oz Movie role

3935613052_ce1d9465ac_oDisney actress Selena Gomez is reportedly chasing after a role in the new Wizard of Oz movie. “My favourite movie of all time is The Wizard of Oz. Judy Garland is the reason I wanted to become an actress.” Selena tells US Weekly. Teen actress Dakota Fanning has already been reported to be in the talks to play the main character in the sequal.