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Sky Art Protest WIN

In protest of a controversial LA law that limits the painting of street murals, graffiti artist SABER paid a group of skywriters to write the names of several famous LA taggers in the airspace around city hall. Check the rest of the story at The Daily What! Submitted by: Unknown Via: TDW





Highly Decorated Birds

Sometimes we like to get a little artistic here at PK… So here’s some birds in military uniforms. OK, to be honest I don’t know what’s going on here either but they’re well done! See the rest here ! Submitted by: Unknown Via: Fort 90


Swedish HP Covers WIN

Alright, so everybody in the UK gets the tasteful, classic Harry Potter covers, and us Americans have some very fun and expressionistic versions of the fantasy series. What about the Swedes? Well, I they get these sweet works from artist Alvaro Tapia