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Milan-based design group Carnovsky created an installation that’s a little different than the norm. The group painted three separate wall murals using the primary additive colors (Red, Blue, Green) combined with lights of the same color within the room. Cycling through the lights gives you three entirely different looks in the room as murals become more or less invisible.



Mother Nature FTW: Two Views

This is a view of the Aurora Borealis from space, taken by an astronaut at the International Space Station. Meanwhile, on the ground, the same view might look something like this: Granted, I have no way of verifying where either of these pictures were taken, but it’s cool to see two views of the same phenomenon, eh



Et Tu, Abercrombie?

Remember how Abercrombie and Fitch told Jersey Shore’s “The Situation” that it would pay him not to wear its clothes? Situation’s scumbag-in-crime DJ Pauly D shot back with an excellent point: So A&F will deplore The Situation’s skeezy antics, but at the same time capitalize on Jersey Shore’s success by selling shirts that reference the show? I can’t take anyone’s side.