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Pod Cars of the Future

GM is reportedly looking to mass-produce the second generation of its two-wheeled EN-V electric car by 2020, so that everyone in the world can drive around in oversized Power Ranger helmets. Submitted by: Unknown







“New Moon” Conquers the Midnight Box Office

Coming as little surprise, “New Moon” is already placing itself into the record book – as it was tops for a midnight run raking in an estimated $26.3 million. Along with the overwhelming success of “New Moon,” theaters got fans ready by re-releasing “Twilight” just prior to the follow-ups debut – which garnered another $1.3 million. The previous record holder for the midnight slot was “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” which pulled in $22.2 million earlier this summer.Meanwhile, the second installment in the “Twilight Saga” franchise is slated to earn more than $85 million opening weekend – already having broken all pre-sales records when it comes to tickets.



Taylor Lautner Brings New Moon Clip to Jay Leno Show

taylor_lautner_0_0_0x0_400x590Taylor swift’s boyfriend Taylor Lautner is bringing all the good to The Jay Leno Show on Monday night (November 16). In addition to attending the premiere that night, the 17-year-old actor will be giving viewers another sneak peak to the second film in the long-awaited film, The Twilight Saga: New Moon. The clip will feature Taylor and costar Kristen Stewart. Be sure to tune in on Monday, November 16 @ 10PM ET/PT on NBC. Also, be sure to check out KidsPickFlicks.com’s Twilight Critic contest and you can win tickets to the New Moon premiere!

To enter, submit your movie review for any film on KidsPickFlicks.com (be sure to include your email). You can enter multiple times by submitting movie reviews to other films. One winner will be picked from the submissions. Good Luck!